Sunday, 20 May 2012

And then there was light . . .

I lay in bed, feeling like I'd had a few wines the night before and having that internal chat with myself, you know the one - shall I go for a run?  I don't feel so great.  What if I fall over? Or I'm sick?  Or someone sees me running and laughs?  What if snails are slithering faster than I run? Luckily the other side of the chat won, the conversation that goes a little like this - you know you'll feel better after you've run?  You know you'll be on your way to getting fit and healthy, like you've always dreamed about.  You know that you'll get some of those endorphins frolicking around making you feel great.  The internal conversation probably went on for about half an hour and then I got up, put on my running gear and got out of the house.

My Mission
I'm on a mission to make lasting changes to my life, not just with my health and fitness but my career and probably most importantly my internal dialogue.  For it's these internal dialogues that either help or hinder us in our lives.  Either moving us forward or keeping us stuck, repeating the same patterns, never quite understanding  how to get out, making the same mistakes.  So rather rashly I entered the Great South Run on Tuesday 15th May.  The Great South Run is 10 miles and currently, well, I'm not sure I could run for a bus.  My confidence to achieve this feat of physical heroics is helped by the support group -The Jedi Runners (this name was chosen by a bloke, of course - isn't Star Wars just part of a mans DNA now?). The Jedi Runners has been pulled together by Adam Eason. And it's at the Adam Eason School of Therapeautic Hypnosis that I'm learning to be a Clinical Hypnotherapist and am filling my brain choc full of tools to get me to the finish line on 27th October (as well as how to help others).

First things first though, the smoking has to go.  Wednesday was going to be quit day but I'm going to bring it forward to today.  I probably won't smoke today anyway so why not make today the day. My smoking habit was one or two a day, sometimes I'd go a few days without one, and sometimes I'd smoke more, so some would say not a proper smoker but it's crappy habit, makes me feel bad emotionally and physically so the weed has to go. The Stop Smoking download is already on my laptop, so it'll be firing up later today.

Making This Look More Interesting
Once I get a bit more organised I'll put up how far I've run, times, weight etc, maybe even a few pictures.
Feeling a little smug, which might be short lived once the muscles start complaining!

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