Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Tis the season to be Merry . . .

Fa la, la, la, la la la, la


The fecundity of joy that assaults our senses everywhere we go starting in September, coming to it's unavoidable climax in December surely cannot be the experience of the majority of the population? The feeling that we must have 'the' most fun on 25th December, that we must 'stuff' ourselves to exploding point and be filled with an over whelming sense of love, (thank you Jesus), just ain't the case for most of us.

So as my Mum and Stepdad snore the afternoon away, full after a rather fabulous Christmas meal it was time to plan even more running for 2013.  So I've gone and done it, bought myself a Christmas present, but a Christmas present that will start in January and go on until October 6th. It's the present that just keeps on giving and giving.  I've bought my entry to the Bournemouth Half Marathon.  Eeek and double eeek.

I had thought when I started this blog that by the time the Great South Run had been and gone that I would be a svelte size 12, no wobbly bits in sight (well apart from the obvious ones and only surgery will stop that), toned, fit and full of energy.

I am a few of those things.  I am slimmer, svelter, fitter, more toned but not so full of energy (that could be down to the broken heart, the weeks illness, ensuing round of Christmas parties and the rather large Christmas dinner that I've just eaten). I realised that after a long run, well a long run in my book, say 8k, a man size pizza with all the trimmings afterwards do not lead to a svelte size 12.  It only leads to a misplaced sense of righteousness.

So with an even bigger goal to achieve in just over 10 months, it's time to get my proverbial skates on, cut out the man size pizza's, up my self hypnosis for running, crack on with Pilate's, get some help from a personal trainer, run lots more with running buddies and go get that svelte size 12, energy and reduction in wobbly bits (well . . . all but two of them).

So here's to running in 2013, and maybe I'll treat myself to a new pair of trainers as well?

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