Sunday, 13 January 2013

Eight months until birth

Eight months. Phew. Eight months doesn't sound like a very long time at all thirty six weeks somehow seems even less time and 252 days, well isn't it about 252 days that a full time worker puts in for a full working year. 6048 hours, 362,880 minutes.

Not very long then, not very long at all.

So I've already started planning. I've already pulled together an Excel spreadsheet, with weeks and days, what I'd like to have achieved each week and each month. Record what I've actually achieved such is the focus on achieving my biggest challenge to date.

The Bournemouth Half Marathon.

There must surely be some wiring gone awry in my brain. For after The Great South Run I suffered with terrible, pestiferous cold sores, it was like the Black Death, honestly I'm not exaggerating, followed by a big emotional trauma, followed by a week of being ill (I've not been that poorly in over 20 years), followed by more cold sores although not to the Black Death standard, then enduring the festive season and all the parties that go with that and then at some point in the last week or so I start to feel a bit better.  Now as much as I'd like to blame it all on The Great South Run that would be churlish and abdicating any responsibility for my health. So it must definately be a wiring issue.

Hence all the planning, well in advance, perhaps, some might say a little OCD? But in October my goal is to run The Bournemouth Half Marathon in just about 2 hours. Mmm, maybe I should ask my GP for a CAT scan? The Great South took me 2:17, there was a little break to powder my nose and I don't mean with artificial stimulants, so I reckon taking that little stop it would have been 2:12 give or take a few seconds. And now I've decided I'd like to run even further, in less time, definately need that CAT scan.

My training plan this year will be vastly different to last year. Last year's training plan, was a bit 'Forest Gump', keep on running and running until your legs stop working or you keel over.  I didn't do either of those so I know I can do the distance I'd like to do it with a bit more panache. Whether or not you can run with panache is questionable. The plan this year includes a healthier eating plan, pilates, interval training, long distance runs and also lots, lots more work on my mental attitude using hypnosis.

The training starts early Feb and in the mean time I'm enjoying running, pushing myself that little bit harder, reducing my times, and just enjoying running for running's sake.

So onwards to the birth of my new improved running style with panache, and faster, and using hypnosis. Perhaps I could be the Audrey Hepburn of running. Mmmm, now where is that number for my GP.

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