Saturday, 15 December 2012

So I should make lemonade . . .

Running, running, running, still I keep running and still I keep at a similar speed. Sometimes I feel like a lumbering oaf, heaving myself around a park or suburbia, running and for what purpose. OK I know the answer to this one, to get better, faster, fitter, happier, run for longer, have more energy and prove to myself that I can do pretty much anything that I set my mind to, I remember now, there are a lot of good reasons why I run.

So being the ungrateful recipient of a cold, as someone who is rarely, if ever sick, or even remotely poorly it comes as a bit of shock to have to carry around tissues and blow my nose, and sniff and breath with my mouth open like a panting dog in the heat of Summer.

With a sore throat, laboured breathing, still .... I went running.  A new parkrun venue in Netley was the lucky recipient of my laboured run last Saturday. But what a lovely place to run, by the sea, through a bit of the woods and three short laps. The wonderful Arelio from Lordshill Road Runners ran with me, all the way round. Arelio is an experienced runner, 72 marathons under his belt, and he has the kindness and motivation to support and motivate those of us to do well and I am eternally grateful. I didn't get a personal best this week and I am a little disappointed but with a stinking cold a sort throat and running on a cold Winters day I was still out there and running rather than lying there in bed, feeling sorry for myself.

The Diet
In the effort to increase speed I'm guessing I should check out my diet, finding the best foods to aid recovery and provide much required energy to fuel the legs to go further for longer. Although I wish that a hot, pepperoni pizza would do all of the above, sadly I think I'll be disappointed. The Christmas holidays will give me the time and opportunity to get stuck into my collection of running magazines work out what to stock my cupboards with, cook and freeze stuff, all to make life a little easier and increase my speed just a little.

The Garmin Watch
An amazing watch which should, for all intents and purposes be my running saviour, getting that pace a little faster, a few more seconds off my times. And still the watch currently resides in its box, on a shelf, unused and unloved.  I have yet to read the instructions and yet to sort out my laptop as it seems as reluctant to pair with my garmin as I do. A gift somewhat tainted. And so it will sit, until I dig out the Silvo and polish the tarnish off once and for all, read those instructions and really start working towards that elusive PB.

Man Flu
'The Cold' turned into 'Man Flu' and the last week saw me mostly asleep, about 12 - 16 hours for the first three days and waking up in a pool of my own sweat, wishing that my Mum lived close by and could bring me some chicken soup and tlc.  Instead my new best friends now were the sofa, my bed, my hot water bottle and lemsip. But all good things come to an end, that and impending insanity being confined to the house saw me back at work on Friday and out at the works party on Friday night. And as I like to plan in advance I'd already passed up the opportunity to run at parkrun on Saturday morning and marshalled instead.  I was quite pleased with my decision, feeling slightly jaded, wishing the other runners well, feeling pleased for once that it wasn't me.

Santa Hats
Tomorrow is the Santa run in Portsmouth, a whole 10k and I'm feeling a little jaded and without my usual run buzz, but I'm sure the addition of a Santa hat will make all the difference, and if life gives you lemons, you know what to do.

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