Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Jelly on a Plate, Jelly on a Plate, Wibble Wobble, Jelly on a Plate

Is exactly how I felt after my personal training session with Dave on Sunday. It's been over week since the Eastleigh 10k, with no exercise until Sunday, eating out loads in the last week catching up with friends. Stress eating at work, those chocolate covered malted milk biscuits...I'm sure they're laced with Cocaine

But back to the Eastleigh 10k. I ran it last year and I've not been shy about being a slow runner, I just keep on going and going a bit like a Duracell bunny So this year I wanted to do better than last year and set myself a goal of 1 hour 15 mins. Four sessions in and my stability has improved, my core strength has improved and even my wildly swinging right leg is starting to look like it actual belongs to me.

On the Friday before the race in my PT session I ran on a treadmill at a pace that would get me in at 1:15, it was a pace that I felt comfortable doing without feeling that I'd keel, turn a shade of purple or throw up at the end trying to achieve it.

Race day, feeling confident, well rested, no booze the night before and ready to run with the girls. Once there I practised my running drills (much to the girls amusement). And so we positioned ourselves in the 'It's going to take you a while' position, waiting for the klaxon to go. 10am and off it went, it took us a while to cross the start line and I got into my groove. Now I like to run with people but I also like to run quietly engrossed in my thoughts. I like to concentrate and now think about how my feet are landing (following my running drills, I am learning) and what my posture is like, and focus on my pace. The k's kept increasing, the distance decreasing, and eventually on reaching about 8k I started to flag. Focusing on my posture, and pace and knowing that it wasn't far to go, I dug deep and  just kept on pushing through.

My time was 1:15:32 which was 2 mins and 6 secs better than last year. I know that I've been running a lot in that time but this was a tangible improvement. My aim is to knock 20 mins off my half marathon time which is huge. But now I'm training in a different way, building muscle groups to make me stronger, pushing myself to run faster for shorter bursts and so now I'm excited again, got my mojo back about improving my running times, fitness and figure. And fantastically have already knocked just shy of half an inch off my waist in just four PT sessions :-)

And so I have some very quiet weeks ahead, by quiet I mean, just two nights out which I must confess to being quite excited about. So in this next three weeks my plan includes two personal training sessions a week, and some extra stuff at home, not entirely sure what just yet. But excited

And as 70% of weight is down to diet I'll be looking at that too. I pretty much understand about eating well, it's just my leaning towards all things sweet or cheesy have a certain hold over me, so I'll be practising some self hypnosis to help me combat that. Malted milk biscuits, you can do one, and I can kiss goodbye to the Wibble Wobble on my tummy!

Apologies in advance for the link, if you listen through to the end and you'll be stuck with 'Sausage in a pan, sausage in a pan, sizzle sozzle, sizzle sozzle, sausage in a pan' in your head.

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