Friday, 21 March 2014

Coming out of HIbernation

Like a bear crawling out of a dark cave the motivation and determination that saw me through The Great South in October 2012 and the Bournemouth Half Marathon in October 2013 was slowly making a reappearance but at a snails pace.

The dark nights, seemingly endless rain, the 'after Christmas' lull all resulted in a sort of resentment to get back out there and really get back into running. The always present lure of the sofa, or glass of red wine...or two, working it's magic, keeping me safely inside.

Now don't get me wrong I didn't hang up my running shoes completely. Regular 10k's with my running buddies, the occasional park run all happened but I was feeling like the sluggish bear who'd just woken up. And my running wasn't improving. I wasn't getting the after glow and high that I used to get.

I just wasn't feeling it.

And I wanted that old  feeling back.

Something had to change, my attitude, thought processes and effort, I had races to run and PB's to get.

When I had my running trainers fitted last year I was informed that my glutes and core were weak. So I knew that these bad boys needed some work.

More help was definitely required.

And up on Facebook popped Brightside Personal Training, offering a free running ebook which I read but hadn't the motivation or confidence to actually do them. Then there was the offer for a free running assessment. OK, no running away from it (no pun intended), time to book that appointment, check out the cash flow and get a move on (sorry).

Assessment day arrived and there were no surprises. I was stronger on one side, and my glutes and core needed some work. Alex Yates put me through my paces, and taught me some running exercises that had immediate effects on my running style, and I mean in that 40 minute session. I was impressed and knew this was worth investing in to kick start my fitness again. And so it began, three sessions in and another nine booked and a promise of an inch off my waist what have a I got to lose.

I already feel leaner and stronger, which considering the amount of hours I've run is bloody amazing, although the pain in my glutes has occasionally felt like I've had red hot pokers stuck in them!

On Sunday I have my first race of the year, the Eastliegh 10k and following my session with Dave Car this evening I'm hoping to get a PB.

So the bear is fully out of hibernation and Spring has sprung and a new level of fitness and running PB is looking ominous.

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