Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Liberation of the Trainers

I escaped.  Escaped a poorly tummy, escaped a slightly dodgy knee and escaped from the confines of my house and liberated my trainers.

After being confined to my house yesterday, nervous about being too far from a bathroom, and chained to my desk to study, this morning I woke feeling OK.

I haven't completed a decent run since the 16th December which was the Santa Run and the last few months have been exceptionally busy. So I can't blame it all on my mental attitude but I could feel a decline into my old ways.  Where the sofa was more enticing than my trainers, where a bar of chocolate was more agreeable than a stir fry and where mentally I wasn't being very nice to myself.

And this morning I changed that, I ran my 5.2k route.  I woke, put on my running gear, plugged in my ipod and hit the pavement and there was the merest hint of snowflakes in the air and it was bloody cold but I ran all the way.  My knee was a bit twingy but ultimately fine.

And now I feel amazing and now I remember why I love running.

I have some running goals; to run 5k in 30mins and to run the Bournemouth half marathon in 2 hours.  My 5.2k this morning was about 37/38 minutes (I hadn't charged my Garmin up, so was going by the clock in the lounge as I left). So to help me get there I'll be reading this:

I'll be getting a new pair of these:

Considering entering this . . .

And will be doing more work on my stability ball!

I'll post progress of times and measurements.

But right now, it's time to continue enjoying my runners high and make some poached egg on toast with a fresh coffee before back to my studies.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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