Saturday, 23 February 2013

Holy Crap, oh . . . .

Yey, parkrun Day

Saturday was my first tentative step back to running following a dodgy knee picked up from a skiing holiday a few weeks ago. Well, it was planned to be my first tentative step back to running.

I've read numerous times, in all sorts of places 'DO NOT RUN ON AN INJURY'.  So as someone who likes to follow rules (I tend to do as I'm told) I didn't run, because I didn't want to make it worse. Anyway, my knee still niggling I eventually went to the Dr.  I had put it off because a little part of me was worried that I would be told 'No more running for you Miss'.  My left knee already sounding like a bowl of coco pops with any movement it makes.

So, sat like a nervous rabbit, explaining the knee situation with the Dr.  The Dr insisted that she bend it this way and that, push it about a bit and then concluded that there was in fact, no serious damage. That I could start running again, gently to start with. That the Rice Crispy sound effect was fine, it was just wear and tear. Woo hoo, I could stop licking the windows at home, I could put my trainers back on, go out, get sweaty, get cold, get the blood going.

Except, nature said 'NO'.

Please do add, at this point, an array of expletives, lots, and as vitriolic as you care to imagine. I fear that I might offend if I were to write my own. Nature decided that on Friday evening, in the time it takes to leave the office to the time it takes to get home, it would present me with a lovely surprise, which saw me rushing through the door, to the WC, making it in the nick of time.  I don't need to go into detail here but believe me when I say that I felt nervous about sneezing or coughing.

Thank you nature for providing a stomach bug right at the start of my weekend. Please add more expletives! So Saturday morning starts with a lie in, not a huge one, but a lie in nonetheless and I felt sad, despondent and quite frankly a bit pissed off. And I miss my running buddies lots.

But we always have choices in life and I had a few:
a) mope around the house, feeling sorry for myself, being grumpy and miserable or;
b) do more hypnotherapy homework, plan my running schedule in more detail, book a few more races and make use of the cosied time up being indoors.

I chose b.

So as I sit in my study watching the merest hint of snow flakes falling from the sky, in my fluffy socks and scomfy hoodie getting on with my work, I must admit to feeling a little bit pleased.

Time for another mug of Ovaltine and some TLC.

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