Sunday, 29 July 2012

Lost and Found . . . Confidence

Aren't you always astounded when you hear friends or family berate themselves for something they've done badly or perhaps the way they look.  Comparing themselves to others unfavourably.  And when someone you love or care about does that, it can make you wince, or perhaps feel a little hurt that they can be so hard on themselves.  You know that they wouldn't ever talk to their friends in such a mean way so why is it OK to talk so harshly to ourselves in that way?

To those of you reading this who have never encountered the brutality of ones own inner harsh critic then you are indeed blessed.

Bullying is Cruel
To the unsuspecting and unprepared mind this is something that many of us do to ourselves, and we continue to let it happen.  I have done this for many, many years and have, I believe, kept up a fabulous facade of wonderfulnuss.  I'd like to remove the facade now, go down to the bare bricks and demonstrate over the coming weeks and months how hypnosis has and is changing my own personal bully and giving him the proverbial kick up the butt that he so rightly deserves.

Self Deprecation is Funny, Isn't it?
Don't we all laugh at those of us who take the mickey out of ourselves in good humour. After all, if we take the mickey out of ourselves, it's OK. Isn't it?  It depends I suppose. All to often the bully wins, and the loudest bullies have their host perhaps overeating, drinking too much, smoking . . . I'm sure there are too many for me to write here. We all know that bullying must be stopped and that has to include the bully in our minds.

Kicking my Bully in to Touch
I have been extraordinarily lucky, I believe, to have mostly told mine to 'add expletive of choice here' right off.  But sometimes he can rear his ugly head and get loud and nasty. He's been around recently and he's not very nice . . . Insults about looks generally; You look like 200lbs of chewed bubblegum, yeuch (after view in the mirror), you'll never get fit etc the list goes on. But now I have the mental equivalent of ninja tactics at my disposal.

After the parkrun
My results came through and after my initial euphoria of doing running the course my euphoria gave way to disappointment.  I questioned how fast I was getting fit?  It didn't seem enough?  I questioned my natural ability to get fit? Maybe I couldn't? Maybe I wasn't doing enough.  A general mental beating up.

Illness Hampers Progress
Goddammit. I'm supposed to be a paragon of health and fitness now that I've stopped smoking, started running and I've been plagued with more illness now compared to when my lifestyle was less than healthy!  A migraine wiped me out last Friday evening and Saturday.  I get the visual disturbances - which is basically lose about a third of my vision. Sometimes it's fleeting, sometimes it lasts for hours. Que horizontal, sofa association for the next 12 hours.  I missed the parkrun but did manage to run on Sunday.  Missed Monday LRRs as was out watching a musical in Woking! Was going to run on Tuesday after work but was exhausted and it was boiling.

All or Nothing Thinking
So as us hypnotherapists discuss with our clients, sometimes people will view a diet lost after having a slip up, or perhaps a smoker having a cigarette when out drinking with friends as they've blown it.  This is not so.

We are human, we slip up, that's life, shit happens, get over yourself and carry on.  So I did.

From one Extreme to Another
So the UK has been plagued with weeks and weeks of rain and then we are blessed with scorchio sunshine.  How to cope with the sudden change?  Where did I put those flip flops and that maxi dress? The bikini wearing is a definite no no this year but maybe next . . . .

With the sunshine beating down and the heat rising, running after work hasn't seemed quite so alluring? So being more of a morning person, as any regular reader will know I set my alarm for 6am ready to get that elusive run in.  I'd gone to bed at 10pm after listening to more Hypnosis for Running and when the alarm went off at 6am I was ready.

I'd mapped a 5.2km route.

Que: music from Chariots of Fire.

And I ran.

And I didn't stop. Not once. This if a first for me, a personal best.

And I was amazed, overjoyed, proud, super smiley and really, really, bloody chuffed!

Que: Rocky Music  I implore you not to smile if you listen to this.

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