Friday, 6 July 2012

Catching Mice in My Sleep

Sleep Deprivation and Running
In my last post I'd had an amazing run with the LRR I'd felt amazing, my pace was good, I was able to put one foot in front of another without having to take many breaks, and if I did take a break it was short, I recovered well and stomped on.  Our leader thought we'd done about four miles, I think it was closer to three and a half.  I guess it doesn't really matter, I felt amazing, on top of the world, better than Julie Andrews on top of a mountain. The rain didn't matter . . .  The buzz continued well into the evening, my latest blog was written, more homework and client preparation work done and eventually I conceded defeat to leave the laptop alone and get some well earned rest. And so to bed I went. Read a bit of Paul Britton, _ Picking Up the Pieces and realised that some of the techniques he used I was also using and knew how to do (I surprised myself, this hypnosis stuff is really sticking to my brain). And then allowed myself the luxury of drifting off for a well earned recovery sleep.

Mind said YES the body said NO.  After feeling cold for about an hour, conceded to drag my sorry arse downstairs and get myself a hot water bottle.  It's 12.30 at this point.  Read a little more, eventually go to sleep. Wake about 3.30 am in a feverish sweat and eventually fall asleep about 4.30 and then Yey, the alarm is ringing in my ears at 6.45. Hurrah, now I have a days work and as yet it's not a day of hypnosis clients, the day job is still facilitating the finances, not long now though.

I'm not great when I'm tired.  Positively grumpy in fact.  But as a student of hypnosis I gave myself some positive chat about it was just a physical feeling and all would be well with the world.  That evening I was meeting with old work colleagues for a curry (not a boozy night) then heading off home to see my partner and an early night.  Or so I thought! My other half is a night owl and needs noise to get to sleep. I am not, and don't.  Mixing this together is about as pleasant as drinking a Brain Hemorrhage (if you've never done it read  all about it here The nights sleep further punctuated by a pounding headache at about 4am which I had to get up for and take pain killers, swiftly followed by my alarm clock. None of this makes for a excellent nights sleep. Feign surprise.

The Invisible Client
I managed to make it through the day and left a little early to make sure the house was clean and fresh for my client, I'd done all the prep, just needed to don my housecoat, put the hoover round and fluff the flowers.

As I waited for 8pm to roll round, it dawned on me that it wasn't the 11th July it was in fact the 4th July.  It was the 11th July my client was due. Light the fireworks, crack open the Champagne and allow the wallow to begin, the slow melt into the sofa of sleep with mind melting television to stare at.  My new found joy at the prospect of a relaxing evening and an early night with a deep sleep was extraordinarily exciting.

But short lived.

Skinned Cat Handbag Anyone?
The long climb up the stairs to the bedroom were hard, but I made it, I've been running don't you know.  Soon the comfort of my fabulous bed was wrapped around me, swiftly followed by the enveloping dark, velvety spendidnous of sleep.  Ahhhh . . . .

2am - there's something in the house.  Bollocks.  That's my cat.  And that's my cat with the distinctive Meow of 'Wow, look what I've brought you, aren't you just so proud of me'. My mind initially blank, as I jumped out of bed, looked for something to catch a mouse in, wrestled the cat out of the bedroom, caught mouse in said receptacle, released mouse to a life of freedom (if he can run fast enough. I'm thinking Tron, the original, that mouse is gonna have to be fast to survive).  Retired to bed, cursed the cat, and waited for sleep to arrive.  Which it did. Eventually AT ABOUT 3AM.  I'm not sure if you can tell but my patience was wearing a little thin.  But, ahhhh, allow yourself to relax.

Until 4AM!! Another comedic mouse chase ensued.  Mouse climbed in my new shoe.  I grabbed the shoe to save the mouse, carried it out into the hallway.  The mouse jumped out of the peep toe, landed in the hallway with a thud.  I turned to turn on the light, turned back.  No mouse.  Cat still looking for mouse in the other shoe (and they say cats are intelligent).

Return to bed.  Ready to cry.  And enjoy the snippets of sleep until the alarm goes off. I awoke feeling a little like this . . .
and went to work.

The day didn't start great but did improve and I ended up looking and feeling a little more human.  I embraced the M3 dressed in my running gear to meet my chum to run around the common and hoped that I wouldn't scare small children.

The Zombie Run
It wasn't great.  I was tired, I was grumpy, I was slow and I stopped more than I did on Monday.  But I was running.  In spite of my lack of sleep I was still running. I was surprised. I've never yet had this level of commitment to something that I didn't really have to do.  And here was this zombie, sweating and pink, still putting one foot in front of another around the common and through the cemetery and I did it. I completed the small route and I didn't cave in to the sofa desires straight from work.

The sofa became my friend as did a glass of wine, followed by a bath, some crap TV and my bed.  And I slept . . . . all the way through until today, no mice, no noise.  Just unadulterated sleep.  And relax.

The Saturday Run
Today has been productive.  Some homework completed.  Toenails painted for the party tomorrow night. Outfit sorted, everything has been pretty good apart from my computer skills which seemed to have failed me consistently this morning.  Those of you on the Hub of Hypnosis will understand and I'm sure my humiliation will continue well into the weekend.  I may tell that story another time.

To get my third run in this week it requires that I'm up and out of the door by 6.20am. Yes, 6.20am.  But you know what, I'm quite excited.  I've done it before and the high I got from an early morning run was immense.  Every time I achieve a run, on my own, early in the morning my belief increases that little bit more.  I can picture me running past the finish line in October bursting with pride, fit and healthy and believing that I can achieve anything.  This is the vision I'll be using every time I'm tired or the sofa is calling my name.

Tron, eat your heart out.

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