Friday, 8 June 2012

Red, white and blue

Thank Goodness the Jubilee is over. Now don't get me wrong, the bits I saw on TV gave me a nostalgic feeling and a warm glow of love for GB.  And the Queen looked pretty smart too, yadda, yadda, yadda, but enough already!  Bank Holiday weekend saw me struggling to get a run in with commitments to friends and family rife (I love you all really) all tempting 'trainer' and 'sports bra' avoidance. The first Sat of the Bank Holiday opened with a mild hangover following a rather fun evening out quaffing vast quantities of steak and 'Red Velvet Cake (if you are offered Red Velvet Cake avoid like the plague, especially if you are on a diet, as you will surely have to go back for 2nd's if not 3rd's) and imbibing a variety of alcoholic beverages.  Hungover and full? Mmm, what were my chances of joining forces with my trainers?  Eventually though, the running seed had been sown and the desire to get out was fuelled by my new list of running songs on a little, pretending to be,  iPod Shuffle.  Running tunes picked, trainers, sports bra, T-Shirt and shorts all ready to rock and roll.

Temptations of the devil
Before I've even left my front garden, the cat is there, looking cute, demanding attention, and he is pretty cute apart from the dead/live animals that he brings home, oh and he's definitely not so cute when he loudly chews a large sparrow in the house (no amount of chasing and grabbing was going prise that little beauty from his jaws). So the required amount of stretching hadn't been performed at this stage, but heck, off I trot anyway.  Earplugs in, ready for the surge of energy brought on by the boom, boom, boom of some of my favourite 'shake your toosh on the dancefloor' tunes.  Alas, no.  Again temptations were to turn back and recline on my sofa. My wonderful piece of music kit only plays MP3's and I've since learned that a lot of music is an AAI file?  My music wizardry had me bouncing round Shirley to just three songs, three songs which I may never want to listen to ever again, Let Your Love Flow - The Belemy Brothers, Insomnia - Faithless and Back to Black - Amy Winehouse.  Three songs, grrrrr.  But, still determined I move my slow plod on, following the route that I know, still thwarting the devil even with all his tricks to push me back to the sofa.  A little further on my route, by now knowing all the words by heart to the aforementioned songs and the road is closed.  Lots of blue and red, no it wasn't a terrible traffic accident, it was a bloody Jubilee street party.  Bouncy castles, flags, children laughing having fun, frivolity being had by all - didn't they know they were blocking my run route!  Still moving on, still determined not to be thwarted, a new route is found, I was a little bit lost I have to admit but eventually found myself back to somewhere I recognised and struggled the rest of the way home desperate to stamp on my little pretend iPod Shuffle thing.

Home at last
Thank the Lord.  I made it.  My run wasn't a great run, there may have been more walking than running, I've no idea how far I went but I am still proud on what I did.  I'm still proud that against all odds and knowing my lazy nature I still went out.  I still have a vision for a fit and healthy future and the future is bright.

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