Friday, 3 April 2015

Mirror vs Motivation

People will generally move 'away from' pain or 'towards' a goal when they want to make a change in their lives. Do you think about how fit you're going to feel or look, or think about how you don't like your level of fitness and shape. Do you keep a picture of a healthier version of yourself, or currently exercise in front of the mirror!

A combination of both generally keep me going working towards the future I envisage for myself. Being healthy is one of those goals and visions. Diabetes is rife in my family, type 1 and 2 and I don't wanna go down that road.

Despite the initial thoughts following the photo shoot a couple of weeks ago and my 90 Day SSS plan photos, there was still a niggling doubt about sharing my photos. The doubt stems from a fear of receiving criticism or harsh comments, or laughter, or being judged as so many women and men are today. Posting these photos makes me feel vulnerable and believe me this is not about looking for the sympathy vote, or needing my ego stroked. This is about me loving my body regardless of the fact it doesn't fit the stereotype of what is perceived attractive by the media and others. So here goes!

Cycle Two was tough! But that was mainly because of 'life' and all the days when stuff happens and being organised and together doesn't happen. I'm sure there are people whose lives are pretty much always together and organised and believe me that is exactly where I want to be. Everything in it's place, everything planned to run like clockwork so that everything that needs to be done can be done and all is calm. But sometimes life just isn't like that.

You don't want to read a list about the shit that life threw at me to knock me off kilter because then that would be a 'poor me' story and how it was hard to stick to plan. Enter BIG YAWN. Shit happens, get up, brush yourself down and get back on the proverbial horse.  Who wants to be a victim of our own making? Not me. Always looking for ways to do it better, be better, get over the hurdles. Don't get me wrong, there are times when wallowing and feeling sorry for myself happen and I work hard to drag myself out of that hole but it's not always easy.

Embedded image permalinkOne major struggle was breakfast on a non carb day. I'm not a 'breakfast when I get up' kinda gal, the thought of Quorn or fish and vegetables for breakfast really got my gag reflex going. Eventually I came up with Omelet/Breakfast muffins! Simple, and really yummy. Fry mushrooms and onions in coconut oil of course, then add chopped up smoked salmon to beaten eggs and mix the whole lot together. Put into muffin tins, throw in the oven until cooked and voila. To be fair they are better warm but great to take to work and eat at my desk with some added vegetables.

Quorn Red Thai curry became a great meal to cook as batches could easily be made up for a few meals as did a cajun Quorn mix, both really easy to have with with or without carbs.

Planning, or Lack Of
One of my failings on this Cycle was my lack of planning. For Cycle One there was a whole Excel spreadsheet (boring alert) detailing what meals, snacks and what days HIIT would happen, even down to organising the first couple of shopping lists. Time and dedication was spent and it paid off.

Feeling all 'Rocky'
With the introduction of weights I needed to buy some kit, and now there is a bench press in my study, which I kinda love and makes me feel all Rocky. Sorry for the ear worm. Getting to grips with what weights to lift took some time to work out and am slightly nervous of pushing it too far. What if the weights are too heavy when doing a skull crusher, who's going to hear my screams if I drop it on my head, or I drop the dumbbell on my chest and can't move. Safe to say this hasn't happened (yet) but this doesn't mean that I didn't push myself.

Some days were right off plan but results after Cycle Two were no changes in inches up or down. I do actually feel stronger and leaner and my bingo wings are becoming less wing like. I'm not put off at all and have no intention of resorting to my old eating patterns regardless of the days I've not stuck to it. My health and well being are still going to be a priority, just sometimes 'life happens' and gets in the way.

Cycle Three
Arrived on Wednesday evening, perfect timing to do some serious planning, and I can't wait. This whole journey is about having more energy, being able to live a long healthy life, being able to go horse riding in Montana, scuba diving in the Maldives, dancing all night long, laughing with friends, hanging out with loved ones, exploring the world, run a marathon....

My body is very unlikely to grace catwalks or magazine covers but it is likely to serve me well if I look after it, confront my fears and fill it with love.

So getting my kit off with a whole bunch of brave fearless women a couple of weeks ago has hit the press. Here's the article to accompany the picture of these fearless women Here's to loving what the mirror shows me, being brave, fearless and motivated regardless of what the world thinks. Mwah. xxx

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