Monday, 26 August 2013

What a difference a day makes....

I’ve only recently heard this song by Jamie Cullum and love it.  His voice is like liquid velvet on my ears and it’s a beautiful love song. 

This weekend my training run was 10 miles, well it ended up being 9.18 miles (14.78k), a training run! This time last year I was training to run 10 miles in the Great South Run, and here I am, doing this distance as training (imagine confused face). I am in awe of myself running this far, not in an arrogant way, but more in a disbelief kinda way. There is a version of me that runs, and that version of me sometimes still feels that it’s not really me. I’m still surprised that a) I can run that far; b) that I’ve stayed committed to doing it, and; c) I can’t do without running in my life anymore. 

What a difference a year makes....

This year has been amazing in so many ways; I've started to write a book, I've got nine public speaking events to give, I've qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and lots more besides. So, some incredible highs and running has been my saviour in all this chaos, from stress, for my natural high, for giving me a sense of freedom, for boosting my self esteem and for giving me some nonsense to write about for pleasure.

When I started running just over a year ago my initial hopes were to become svelte and lithe, well that hasn't happened. My comedy size chest has stayed exactly the same size (queue Benny Hill music). I say comedy because I do not have, what you might consider to be a runners figure. Many women whom I've spoken to about running have lamented 'They couldn't possible run as their boobs are too big'.

Well let me 'out boob' that comment, if I can run 10 miles with a 32HH chest (I could basically wear a cup as a hat), then any woman can do it. Get the right bra, the right attitude and start to run.

Training plan on track, kinda....

With regards to whether my training plan is on track, I've missed two training runs. One due to illness and one due to life just being too damn busy and complicated at the moment. They were the short ones, the 6 milers, not the long runs, and I'm on track (no pun intended).

In six weeks time I will have completed my first half marathon and I imagine I will be feeling like the cat that got the cream, albeit a little tired. So another 5 weeks training to go and ramping up the training distance to 11 miles next weekend! Eek.

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