Monday, 8 July 2013

For Goodness Sake, Shut the Fluff up and Get On With It

Yey..... running 13.2 miles....what was I thinking. Like c'mon? You're a busty girl, keeping running like this you're going to be using those as a scarf for the winter of 2013, no need to worry about the rising cost of heating bills!

Torn (Que song in your head by Natalie Imbroglio)
Some of my future goals include running a half marathon (jeez!), setting up my hypnotherapy practice, writing a book on self esteem, getting back to my artistic roots and becoming a super heroine and saving the world, of course (doesn't everyone?).

Sometimes though, I am dogged by the rebel in me, who is hellbent of undoing all the good work I have done this last year. I am ashamed to admit that I have been partaking of the odd cigarette, especially when there is a glass of Prosecco to accompany it, the lascivious part of my nature taking full control, which is in complete opposition to the goals I really want. After all my study, there is a certain feeling of freedom and a willingness to go wild but I have to remind myself that I am no whippersnapper any more.

So enough now of the self indulgence and my wild side, a bit of self hypnosis to get myself right back on the righteous track I have less than three months to get half marathon fit. Expletive. Ooookaaaay. So goodbye to the bad old ways and hello new invigorated healthy me.

It is common to lapse on whatever course we take in life but it is just as important to admit to yourself that you are infallible, that you can fall down but what's most important is being able to pick yourself back up, and get right back on that proverbial horse.

So now I have a training plan, I have had many, but this was devised with my running partner, this very evening, helping each other along. Giving up boozy nights before a big run and getting ourselves into a good running form. So the half marathon running plan looks like this:

13/07 - 7 miles
16/07 - 6 miles
20/07 - 8 miles
25/07 - 6 miles
28/07 - 8 miles
31/07 - 6 miles
02/08 - 9 miles
07/08 - 6 miles
10/08 - 9 miles
14/08 - 6 miles
17/08 - 10 miles
21/08 - 6 miles
25/08 - 10 miles
28/08 - 6 miles
31/08 - 11 miles
04/09 - 6 miles
07/09 - 11 miles
11/09 - 5 miles
14/09 - 12 miles
15/09 - 5 miles
21/09 - 12 miles
28/09 - 6 miles

Two reasonable runs a week. I'm considering hiring a personal trainer for more exercise to work on building core strength, glutes and anything else that could do with some work (most of it I'm sure). And I may even learn how to use that blasted Garmin watch. Time to quit talking about it and bloody well get on with it.

And for those of you that don't know Torn, here it is, but a more entertaining version.
Torn - Mimed

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