Thursday, 25 April 2013

Has anyone seen my running mojo

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Well my version anyway, wind, rain, dark and cold. Oh my God (or should I just say OMG?) I was getting sick and tired of the cold, the wind, or the driving rain, or just feeling constantly in the dark, almost to the point where I just didn't want to run anymore. Was this a nuclear Winter? Its felt endless, it had gone on for far, far too long in my book. I wanted to feel the sun on my face, feel a warm glow before I'd run 3k.

I was fed up of getting in from running, sitting in the bath for an hour to warm my body from ice sculpture back to human. Dressing in as many layers as possible to keep warm and going to bed early with the electric blanket on temperature setting 'Lava'.

My first Wednesday night training session with the Lordshill Road Runners Club was in the driving rain and cold, doing hill training. I can tell you for a fact there is no need to pay for expensive micro dermabrasion, some good old British driving rain will do the job for you just fine.

The Unidentified Object in the Sky
And there it was. It shyly started to poke it's head through the clouds and bless us with it's warmth. The sun was finally making an appearance, and boy did it feel good. The flouro yellow running gloves, the orange beany hat all now relegated the cupboard under the stairs Harry Potter style. At last running would become a more pleasurable experience and not a battle of wills against hypothermia.

A Social Life
So with the wind, rain, cold and dark taking its toll on my running prowess so too has my social life. The last few months have been hectic. And I no longer have a large capacity for alcohol it seems. With my studies, running and various other projects on the go herbal tea has taken preference as my drink of choice.  So much so that a couple of large glasses of red can render me sofa bound for a morning trying to recover. And so the social life has taken it's toll on the Saturday morning 'parkrun', as the slightly jaded, unwell feeling made the bed seem decidedly more inviting than a pair of trainers and fresh air for 5k round the common.

But the crazy social life is starting to calm down and I'll be finalising my studies, starting new projects and upping the running to get half marathon fit, and who knows maybe the London Marathon next year?

So goodbye to the horsemen, hello Summertime, hello mojo.

The Boston Marathon
I feel saddened that any human being wants to maim and kill others. I hope that this act of violence will not deter any runners from running in large races.  I'm sure it won't, I'm not a professional but if anything I want to run more, raise more money for charity and take part in these wonderful team events. My condolences to all those who were affected, I do hope this never happens again. x

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