Saturday, 17 November 2012

Running through the pain barrier. . .

And so it is nearly three weeks since I ran the Great South Run and it's been a tough three weeks.  The public display of 'cold sores' gone, some energy back.  The day job still extraordinarily busy, so running has taken the proverbial back seat, until last week, well . . .

Saturday morning parkrun
Last Saturday was to be my first tentative steps back into running with a gentle parkrun but an unwelcome surprise gift on Friday night curtailed that. The words 'we need to talk' doesn't require any unwrapping of that present to know what was inside.

Running has become a big part of my life over the last six months and although I'm far from being gazelle like, I kinda love it? And now I was going to be needing a little more love from my trainers and the open road.  The endorphins and challenge to beat my last personal best a whole lot more enticing than wallowing and crying into a glass of wine.

My evenings this week have been jam packed with Business Mentoring, hypnotherapy case study clients, prep for aforementioned clients, dinner with friends etc.  Friday rocks up and I relax into an evening of complete relaxation and herbal tea and chicken soup and TV.  All preparation for my first park run in a long, long time.

Saturday morning
This morning I was ready for running, raring to go and did my first parkrun for about 3 months. So even though eating this last week has been like pushing a marshmallow into a money box, with a dash of heartbreak sprinkled on top, I still ran it. It felt tough but I ran it and I didn't stop.

I didn't get a personal best this week but maybe I should cut myself some slack, keep on running, and keep those endorphins flowing.

Future races
As Winter has quickly claimed the evenings I didn't want to succumb to the lure of the sofa and a rich bodied  red wine, instead of wrapping up for running and so I entered the Stubbington 10k in January.  Eek, proper cold running weather, in just a few months time.  So bugger it, lets book some more races.

Perhaps not gazelle like just yet, but running, high on endorphins, still smiling and pain free . . . .  And this tune is very apt.

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