Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My Bongadongs Are on Fire

Bank Holiday Weekend and it's Raining
Unfortunately it's not raining men, ho hum.  I disappeared slightly there into imagining men falling from the sky, especially ones that look like Hugh Jackman.  I digress, what's this blog about.  Right I'm back, back into the room.

It's been raining, and I'm on holiday, so you'd be confused as to why I might feel so chipper about the rain? There are two huge reasons as to why I'm so chipper about the rain.
1. I'm indoors studying to finish my homework to become a qualified hypnotherapist and;
2. Running in cooler damp weather is much more pleasant than feeling like I'm running in my own portable oven!

There is something wonderfully cosy, being sat indoors, looking at the rain hit the window, whilst sat in my scomfiest clothes (scruffy and comfy clothes, you work it out), hot cup of tea and maybe the odd biscuit or two.

And it's wonderfully invigorating to be outside running in the fresh air, being able to breathe, not feeling like I've swollen up like a piece of old meat left out in the sun.  So last Monday's run with the Lordshill Road Runners felt really, really tough.  It was not more than I'd run before so should have been a piece of cake but maybe it was complacency about my mental well being towards my running. Last week I was on a running high after running five miles, a bit of a swagger ensued, a bit of I can do anything approach and maybe that was my downfall.

Hypnosis for Running (now under a £10), had a hypnosis session about relaxing into running, being out there, engaging with what it was like and this helped my mental attitude to believe in myself to run further and to be able to do it easily, which I did.  A swift kick, momentarily dazed the arrogant apprentice runner in me and so I got back on the horse so to speak!

Saturday is now parkrun day, and this Saturday felt tough, the Fair was in town and sprawled across the common so a new route around the common was organised which appeared to be mostly uphill! Oh My God, uphill, and hot, it's so not fair (no pun intended), stamp my feet and throw my toys out of the pram.  Anyway much to my surprise, this was a personal best for me.  Woo hoo, I may be nearly last but I'm still improving, a little jig about, and some imaginary high fives in the air.

No More Drinking
Well not before an early morning run, as not drinking, a good nights kip and a bit of hypnosis do me the world of good and improve my run.

My Longest Run Yet
Bank Holiday Monday saw the dawning of my longest run to date, and I was ready for it.  I'd slept well, I'd forgone the obligatory glass of wine and I'd done some hypnosis right before I left the house.  And I went, and went, and went on my 8.92k route.  There were no Paula Radcliffe moments and there was no stopping, not once. Man I was chuffed to bits and knackered.  There was just one problem.

My Bongadongs Were on Fire
I had noticed from previous runs a little chaffing on the Bongadongs, on the underside but nothing to write home about (I mean the chaffing).  Until now.  <Insert expletive as loud and as rude as you can handle> it felt like someone had a red hot branding iron and was running a line across the underside of my boobs and then pouring on some vinegar, or salt, or some other unholy pain inducing chemical.  All the while I was desperately using my imagination to think of other things, like 'my, my feet feel incredibly comfortable', whilst they pounded towards home and relief. Or 'wouldn't it be nice to kneel over two buckets of icy water and plop my boobs into them', oh, hang on a minute that wouldn't be so comfortable either.  So my mind swung from OOoowwww, to ridiculous imaginings to divert my thoughts from the pain until at last the front door was in site.

Veteran Runners - Advice Please
I need your help, I'm sure there's something I can do to avert this torture happening again and avoid looking like I've stepped out of 50 Shades of Grey, so please give me an olive branch, let me know what I need to do to stop it happening again, apart from stop running of course.

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